Door Knob High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors(SM Series)
High Voltage Disc Ceramic Capacitors(RD Series)
High Voltage Radial Leaded Capacitors(RM series)


Acap Corporation has been engaging in the design and manufacture of High Voltage ceramic capacitors, relative products and assemblies.

Door Knob High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors

Acap corporation's Ceramic Capacitors are available in variety of physical sizes and configurations, including molded screwing mounted and conformal coated in axial leaded and radial leaded. ......


High Voltage Disc Ceramic Capacitors

Acap Corporation offers the complete range of electrical characteristics and mechanical configurations high voltage ceramic capacitor available in the industrial and telecommunication field. .................


High Voltage Radial Leaded Capacitors

Acap Capacitors offer a variety of Temperature Coefficients materials and tolerances and high voltage. The range of our capacitors available for the ultra stable requirements of tuned circuits to the general purpose needs for coupling............


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