Acap Corporation offers a wide variety of standard and custom high voltage ceramic capacitors-molded, radial and axial type and for applications as diverse as High voltage power supplies, CRTs, Higher power RF, Tesla Coil, distribution switchgear, X-ray equipment, Pulse Lasers System, medical scanners, electrostatic precipitators, , Radio broadcast Transmitters, Igniter started, Pulse Laser Arc Deposition, All of our products are manufactured and tested to stringent quality and reliability standards.

▋Electrical tests:

Capacitance Value
Working Voltage
Insulation Resistance
Dissipation Factor (Tangent θ), Q value
High Voltage Breakdown (flash)
Short time Overload
High voltage / High Current pulse Test


▋Environmental tests:

Thermal Shock, Solder ability, Soldering Heat Resistance, Humidity Load Test, Height Temperature Loading Test, Temperature Cycling, Corona Limitation, Moisture Resistance, Temperature Characteristic, Aging Rated,


▋Mechanical tests/Physical tests:

Voltage Proof between two Terminals or Envelope and Terminals, Plating Test, Visual, Terminals Strength, Strength of Lead, Vibration, Lead Pull Test, Thickness of Coating,


▋Quality Policy and Concept:

(Service First),
(Quality Assurance),
(Innovation Technology),
(Customer Satisfaction),




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