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High Voltage Radial Leaded Capacitors(RM series)

▌High Voltage Radial Leaded Capacitors(RM series)

Acap Capacitors offer a variety of Temperature Coefficients materials and tolerances and high voltage. The range of our capacitors available for the ultra stable requirements of tuned circuits to the general purpose needs for coupling, bypassing, filtering, blocking, timing circuits, tuning. These capacitors are formulated to provide mechanical protection under normal environmental condition


•RoHS compliance and Low profile.

•Multi layer ceramic capacitor Radial type specially designed for high voltage applications.

•Temperature Characteristic: NPO(COG) & X7R & Y5V

•Capacitance Range : up to 5.6 µF

•Rated voltage: Up to 10KVDC

•High insulation resistance.

•Operating Temperature: -55℃ to +125℃

•Compliant to Standard: IEC 384-10

•Epoxy Coating: meets flame test requirement of standard UL 94V-0.

•Custom Sizes, Voltages, and Values Available

General Specifications:

•Operating Temperature, Working Voltage, Temperature Characteristics,
Capacitance, Capacitance Tolerance, Epoxy Coating, Lead Material,
Visual, Mechanical,


•Capacitance, Dissipation factor (Tangent θ), Q Value, Insulation Resistance, Dielectric Withstanding Voltage, Percent Defective Allowed (PDA)


•Vibration, Life Test, Humidity Test, Thermal Shock Test, Solder ability, Voltage poof between Terminal and Envelop, Strength of Lead, Solder Heat Resistance, High Temperature Load Test, Moisture Resistance, Ageing Rate.

Part Number System:

(1)Product Type: Radial type at Multilayer Chip Size code:
    12=1206, 18=1812, 22=2225, 45=4540

(2)Temperature Characteristic: NPO, X7R, Z5U…….

(3)Capacitance: 104=100,000PF, 103=10,000PF.

(4)Capacitance Tolerance: F=+-1%,J=+/-5%,K=+/-10%,M=+-20%.

(5)Lead Spacing: 5=5mm, 7=7mm, 9=9mm

(6)Lead Style: H=height seat type, L: straight type

(7)Lead Length: 5=5mm, 9=9mm, 1=31mm (ref),

(8)Working Voltage: 3A=1KVDC, 2H=500VDC,

(9)Epoxy Coating Color: Y= yellow, B=blue,

Note: Marking and Packing are available

Multilayer Leaded Ceramic Capacitor - Dimension and Configuration:

Configuration: (Lead Style)

H=height seat type,

L= straight type

d = Lead Diameter(Variable)
M = 2.0mm (Typical)
A = 31.0mm (Typical)
T = 4.00mm (Reference)

Any specifications were not mentioned above list, please call us.



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