Door Knob High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors(SM Series)
High Voltage Disc Ceramic Capacitors(RD Series)
High Voltage Radial Leaded Capacitors(RM series)

Factory Tour:

Please step in and visit our factory photos on our website, you will find our how our ability and specialized on ceramic capacitors field. Our goal is to create the finest quality Taiwan made Ceramic Capacitor ever known. This philosophy applies to all products that we offer.

▌Formation Department ▌Kiln Department
▌Silver Printer Department ▌Sintering Department

▌Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Equipments

▌Voltage Test Equipments

▌Insulation Resistance Equipments

▌Analysis Devices
▌Laboratory Room

▌Temperature and Humidity Chamber

▌Precision Measuring Microscope

▌Digital Measuring Projector
▌Life Cycles Testing Facilities ▌Factory Area

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